Gold Shape Body Firming Cream
Made from 100% Natural Plant Extracts

The Gold Shape Body Firming Cream & Lotion is formulated with a balanced mixture of plant extracts with specific properties for reducing the appearance of cellulite and excessive fat on the skin, along with valuable properties for protecting dermal elasticity, firmness, and visibly smooth skin. It contains Garcinia atroviridis, Ginkgo biloba, Capsicum, Kola, Ginger and more! It has been scientifically developed and tested to ensure effectiveness in reducing the appearance of fat without producing undesirable side effects.

Body figure will become slim if the subdermal fat layer is reduced. Gold Shape consists of active ingredients that careduce the subdermal fat layer:

    • Gold Shape quickly penetrates into the cell wall of fat cells in the subdermal fat layer and accelerates the burning of fat content into energy.
    • Fat content in the fat cell is quickly reduced, the size of cell shrinks.
    • The layer of subdermal fat become thinner, body figure become slimmer.

More Information can be found from the Gold Shape FAQ


Shape Firming Cream

Gold Shape Body Firming Cream


Gold Shape Garcinia HCA Capsules

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